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GT SPORT Online - Big Battles!

5 мес. назад

2 random online races (1st: N400 and 2nd: N500) with random people. YES: there are still clean drivers on GT SPORT! :D Please, support me and my work on ...

Gran Turismo Sport - Gameplay Nissan Motul Autech GT-R @ Nurburgring Nordschleife [1080p 60fps]

4 мес. назад

Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay PS4 PRO 1080p 60fps Full HD Race around Nurburgring Nordschleife No HUD in the Nissan Motul Autech GT-R Super GT.

GT Sport Online - Epic Battles!

2 нед. назад

3 random online races I made with random people. 1st race: HP Limit: 345 2nd race: HP Limit: 375 3rd race: HP Limit: 300 Please support me and my work on ...

GT Sport Update 1.22 New Cars Revealed Plus Date

2 дн. назад

Welcome to my GT Sport Patch 1.22 car reveal video, 7 new cars are making there way to GT Sport at the end the month, see what cars they are. FOLLOW ME ...

GT Sport Intense Race - GR.2 At Bathurst

9 час. назад

Welcome to my GT Sport Daily Race at Bathurst in GR.2 Super GT cars. Driving The Lexus GR.2. USING T500RS TC OFF ABS DEFAULT FOLLOW ME ON ...

GT Sport 2017 PS4 Pro Gameplay WITH WHEELCAM! (Gran Turismo Sport)

9 мес. назад

Grand Turismo "GT Sport" just release on Playstation today! I decided to check it out and bring you guys a gameplay with a wheelcam! Drop a like if you want to ...

Gran Turismo Sport: Quest to Beat The Megane

1 нед. назад

Trying to beat those Meganes. Not easy. Join the Super GT DISCORD server! Support the channel with a tip!

GT Sport | Update 1.19 | PS4

2 мес. назад

Just ahead of the world-famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race on June 16, we're pleased to add the event's Circuit de la Sarthe to GT Sport in the new 1.19 update ...

Gran Turismo Sport - July Update First Teasers

7 дн. назад ...

Gran Turismo Sport | Inside GT Sport, Vol. 1: The Cars | PS4

10 мес. назад

Explore the car classes coming to Gran Turismo Sport on 18th October. Preorder now:!

GT Sport Update 1.22 Coming With A Mystery Track

2 нед. назад

Update 1.22 on GT Sport has been teased, what will it feature? FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER SUPPORT THE CHANNEL WITH A TIP!

GT Sport Online - Moral of the story

1 мес. назад

Viperconcept, the knock-knock victim returns! :D Of course, guys, don't take it too seriously: I was racing just to have fun. :P Stock setup on all races: setup was ...

GT Sport:Public Drag & Roll Meet | w/ 900HP Skyline, LS9 Nova, 900HP Supras & More

4 мес. назад

HRC Merch - Hopped in another awesome open lobby, launching these cars are A LOT more meticulous than GT6 ...

MAZDA 787B *RETURNING* to GT SPORT in 1.22 Update!! (7 new cars)

2 дн. назад

And so the much anticipated silhouette teasers have dropped, confirming that we are indeed getting new cars on the 30th of this month! So here are my ...

GT Sport - Daily Race Megane Trophy - Nonstop to victory?

3 дн. назад

Can i win the 9 laps Megane Trophy Race on Nürburgring GP with fuel-management and no pitstop or is a One-Stop-Tactic superior on this GT Sport Daily Race ...

GT Sport - Very fast GR.3 Daily Race on Nürburgring 24h

2 мес. назад

Fantastic and close race with my fastest total time of the day 16.47,685 min. while battling against derek737_DK. GT Sport: Daily Race C - GR.3 on Nürburgring ...

GT Sport - 1st Day Le Mans Online Race // Porsche 919 Hybrid

2 мес. назад

My second online race on Le Mans ( Circuit de la Sarthe) on 1st day after introducing the track in the new 1.19 update for GT Sport. Car: Porsche 919 Hybrid I ...

GT Sport - Lewis Hamilton Reference Laps #1 - Nurburgring: Extended Version | PS4

7 мес. назад Available Now Master the Nürburgring GP track with Lewis Hamilton We're excited to ...

GT Sport - FIA Top 24 Superstar Race - Nations Cup Season 2 Round 4 - Disconnect For Manufacturer

1 нед. назад

Welcome to my channel everyone, my name is Erick. My passion is professional race car driving, and I use racing simulators as a learning tool to progress into ...

Gran Turismo Sport: Fast & Furious Angry Drift

4 дн. назад

What happens when you mix 16 angry online noobs with drift cars not intended for racing? Chaos. Join the Super GT DISCORD server!

How To Earn BIG MONEY FAST On GT SPORT!! (1.21 Update)

6 мес. назад

The most common question I get is - how do I earn my cash on GT SPORT?? Well, here's how... :) CLICK HERE TO EARN $2 MILLION PER HOUR FROM THIS ...