Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on PC - 1440P and 60FPS

5 дн. назад

Specs: 6700K @ 4.7 GHz - GTX 1080 Ti - 32GB DDR4 I managed to get the Metal Gear Solid: HD Collection (PS3) running on my PC using RPCS3 Alpha ...

Ultimate Hwoarang Combo Compilation - Rev 2 (Tekken 7)

1 мес. назад

00:00 Launchers 01:02 Counter Hit Launchers 01:41 Regular Combos 07:57 Counter Hit Combos 11:30 Low Parry Combos 12:47 Rage Art Combos 15:26 Wall ...

Tekken 7 - Ultimate Hwoarang Combo Compilation

4 мес. назад

Updated video: Sorry for the humming noise. Direct sound capture can cause issues. 00:00 Launchers 01:00 ...

Jim Sterling's Computer

4 мес. назад

Boglins Specs: Ryzen 7 1700 3.9 GHz GTX 980 Ti 1355/7500 MHz Team Dark 32GB DDR-4 2400 MHz ASUS Prime-B350-Plus NZXT Kraken X40 NZXT S340 ...

Temperature vs Power Consumption (Computers)

1 г. назад

Test System: i5 4670K 4.5 GHz 1.25V 2 * Reference GTX 780 1202/7000 MHz 1.225V 16GB DDR-3 1866 MHz Asus Z87 Gryphon EVGA SuperNova 750 G2 ...

Through the Butt

1 г. назад

American Dad, Season 14, Episode 13.

(Not a guide) Changing the Internal Xbox One S Drive to an SSD (Cloning)

1 г. назад

An unfunny guy playing with his Xbox. You can thank the titwanks at YouTube for removing annotations. Skip to 7:25 if impatient. Tool used: ...

Clarkson, Hammond, and May - Southern Counties Radio

2 г. назад

Originally Aired on 26 April 2006. The Top Gear episode: Season 8 Episode 2.

DAYZ - Does it still suck after 3 years of development?

2 г. назад

Apologies for the low brightness situation of the video. The game looked very bright when I was playing it, but didn't turn out so great after recording. Something ...

Clusterfu.... CLUSTERTRUCK!!!

2 г. назад

A perfect game for us casuals that does not require a whole lot of interaction or user input. /Joke. Playing this game on a 144 Hz monitor is a must. You want no ...

Peanuts and Ferrets

2 г. назад

Coco And Cookie playing in organic packing peanuts.

Wren-der Compilation

2 г. назад

For those with an innocent mind, the footage was recorded/stolen from this channel:

Renault Clio Cup - Donington Park Race 1

2 г. назад

I am back with some Project Cars stuff, at 60 FPS. AI difficulty for this race was set to maximum (100/100). Qualified on Pole and lead from start to finish. Give me ...

Closest EVER UT Match

2 г. назад

I won by a cat's hair. That cat is now dead.

ChromaGun - As good as Portal?

2 г. назад

Am I out of my comfort zone? Nope, but I say "so", "yeah", and "okay" a lot.

More Carnage on Outpost 23 - Unreal Tournament DeathMatch

2 г. назад

I like this map. Can you tell? Game is free to play right now:

Epic Carnage - Unreal Tournament 2016 DeathMatch on Outpost 23

2 г. назад

This game is in a "Pre-alpha" stage and is free to play. Grab it if you want some fast, hot, sweaty, wet action. No, ...

What an Osprey Does When Her Nest is in Danger

2 г. назад

A large bird of prey is hovering above the Ospreys nest, a Sea Eagle most likely - an apex predator. You can see its shadow in the background at 2:00 The ...

Osprey Calls for Aerial Delivery, Feasts, and Feeds Chicks

2 г. назад

Recorded from:

Osprey Sings herself to sleep

2 г. назад

She's incubating an egg or two, waiting for her mate to come back with food. Video from: