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Распаковка PS4 Pro и есть ли смысл брать?

2 г. назад

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UPGRADE TO PS4 PRO & PLAY BETTER! - PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing, Setup & Gameplay Test

3 нед. назад

PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing, it was about time... Get the PS4 PRO here ▷ SUBSCRIBE Today ▷ EliteShot ...

PS4 Pro - Does It Suck?

2 г. назад

PlayStation 4 Pro (USA Link) - PlayStation 4 Pro (International) - Welcome to my PS4 Pro unboxing video. The PS4 Pro ...

PS4 Pro - Before You Buy

2 г. назад

The PS4 Pro touts 4K HD gaming thanks to more graphical horsepower. But is it really worth the upgrade? Jake Baldino takes a look. ☆Follow Jake on Twitter: ...

10 Things You Didn't Know The PS4 Pro Could Do

10 мес. назад

Try out ThePremium Network for free: Do YOU own a PS4 Pro? 10 Things You Didn't Know The PS4 Pro Could Do! Subscribe now to ...

Is the PS4 Pro Worth It?

2 г. назад

Is PlayStation VR Worth It? PS4 Pro on Amazon: ...

Beli Atau Engga? | PS4 PRO UNBOXING & REVIEW

1 г. назад

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I Don't Win Very Much... Fortnite Battle Royale PS4 Pro Gameplay

45 мин. назад

Fortnite! Merch: ▻ If you would like to leave a tip to help improve the stream, you may use the Super Chat feature or use this ...

XBOX ONE X vs PS4 PRO - Which Should You Buy? | The Tech Chap

6 мес. назад

XBOX ONE X vs PS4 PRO - which next-gen games console should you buy (or maybe you shouldn't buy any of them)? We talk 4K HDR games, UHD Blu-ray, ...

PlayStation 4 Pro Review

2 г. назад

How does Sony's mid-cycle hardware upgrade build upon the success of the PlayStation 4? Check out our full review and see! PS4 Pro Unboxing ...

Fortnite Legendary "FATE" (Fortnite Battle Royale) PS4 PRO

1 час. назад

" " DONATE 4 SHOUTOUT ▷ SPONSOR CHANNEL CLICK " " Bottom of CHAT to activate ...

GOD OF WAR PS4 PRO LIMITED EDITION! Unboxing PlayStation 4 Console + Gameplay

2 мес. назад

Unboxing God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro 1Tb console, controller, heat change mug and new Totako figures. Have you tried God of War yet? You should.

AIRPLANE STUNTING IN NYC! - The Crew 2 Beta Gameplay (PS4 Pro)

1 дн. назад

Subscribe for more: The Crew 2 Playlist: ...

PS4 PRO - Unboxing do Novo PlayStation 4! Games em 4K!?

2 г. назад

Vídeo unboxing do novo PlayStation, o PS4 Pro. Liga Brasileira de Overwatch aqui: - a partir das 21h (coloque despertador ou ...

Ps4 vs Ps4 Pro - Comparison Test: Can you tell the difference?

2 г. назад

Get the PS4 Pro here Something a little different today, for those of you who saw our "PS4 Pro - Does It Suck" episode, we decided to go ...

Why You Should Buy a PS4 Pro RIGHT NOW - 2018

4 мес. назад

Why should you buy a PS4 Pro right now in 2018? Watch the video for the full review, however here's a few hints: Massive Game Library Remote Play ...

God of War Graphics Comparison: PS4 vs. PS4 Pro

2 мес. назад

We took the PlayStation 4 version of the upcoming God of War and placed it side-by-side the PlayStation 4 Pro to visually compare the differences between the ...


2 г. назад

The 4K HDR capable PS4 Pro is out now - but is it really worth buying? I setup, test and review the PS4 Pro on a 4K HDR TV to find out what's new and if it's ...

Sony Ps4 pro unboxing india in hindi

1 г. назад

ps4 unboxing setup india in hindi Best Buy Link PS4 Pro AT THANKS FOR WATCHING.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

7 мес. назад

Xbox One X vs Playstation 4 Pro Xbox One X Giveaway! Wanna grab either system? PS4 Pro: ...

Building the Ultimate PS4 Pro

9 мес. назад

Upgrading the PS4 Pro with some questionable tech. Crucial MX300 SSD on Amazon: Seagate Game Drive for PS4 on Amazon: ...