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Project CARS 2 Online - When Luck helps you... again!

1 дн. назад

Sorry for the short video, but I'm working on a bigger project... I think it will be ready for the next week. ;-) Please support me and my work on Patreon: ...

Viperconcept's Racing Games chart

1 г. назад

Project CARS or Assetto Corsa? GT or Forza? A lot of times people asked me some advices about racing games. So, I've decided to make this video. Now ...

Racing Games - How to setup the Suspensions

4 дн. назад

A lot of people wanted a video about suspensions/dampers, so, I guess I had no choice to make (another) one. lel Enjoy! ^^ All the examples in this video are ...

Project CARS 2 - ECO CUP on the Nurburgring!

2 нед. назад

Prepare your pop-corn and follow these brave drivers through one of the hardest event ever! Please support me and my work on Patreon: ...

iRacing - Viperconcept's Review

2 мес. назад

Finally I can give you my point of view about this game. I had to do a lot of hours of testing in few days to give you a good review about it... and this is my result.

Project CARS 2 - Car Roulette 4!

1 нед. назад

Fun, action and drama on this Car Roulette video! The version without annotations: Please support me and my ...

GT Sport - Car Roulette 4!

1 мес. назад

Almost 1 hour of pure entertainment on the Nurburgring! Enjoy! :D The version without written annotations: ...

Racing games - A Special Lesson

5 мес. назад

In this video I use just GT SPORT, but I use other racing games too: you apply the same rules on all racing games which have decent physics. So, what do you ...

Wreckfest - Viperconcept's Review

1 мес. назад

Today I won't review a sim-arcade or a full-sim. Today I'll review a game that made me feel like a child again. Perfectly imperfect, that's how I'd describe it. FAQ: It ...

Project CARS 2 Online - My Craziest overtake Ever!!!

2 мес. назад

Damn... Project CARS 2 is so hard everytime you restart playing it. lol Steering wheel used: Fanatec CSL Elite. Please, support me and my work on Patreon: ...

Racing Games - How to setup the Transmission

3 нед. назад

Never stop to learn new stuff! :D New intro by Floatzelot Enyx. Please, support me and my work on Patreon:

GT Sport Online - Moral of the story

1 мес. назад

Viperconcept, the knock-knock victim returns! :D Of course, guys, don't take it too seriously: I was racing just to have fun. :P Stock setup on all races: setup was ...

How Viperconcept sets up his cars (+ bonus video)

1 г. назад

Curiosity is a quality and it helps you to learn new interesting things about your car! Test, experiment, retry, explore... when you have a decent knowledge it's a ...

GT Sport Online - Epic Battles!

2 нед. назад

3 random online races I made with random people. 1st race: HP Limit: 345 2nd race: HP Limit: 375 3rd race: HP Limit: 300 Please support me and my work on ...

Racing Games Lesson - Driving Styles

2 мес. назад

If you thought drifting/sliding was the only solution to take a corner, you were wrong! ;-) RWD cars - how to avoid spins: ...

Racing Games - The Limited Slip Differential

4 нед. назад

It's something that a lot of people don't know yet, so, I've tried to explain it in the simplest way as possible. REMEMBER: all the examples in this video are forced ...

Car Setup Game - What's wrong with my car?

2 г. назад

In my previous videos I've taught you all my knowledge about setups and their effect on cars. So, it's time to test what you've learned! Have fun and make me ...

Project Cars ONLINE - Epic Battle!

3 г. назад

Step 1: Buy the last DLC in Project cars. Step 2: Create a Lobby with day-night transition. Step 3: Invite some random drivers. Step 4: Have tons of fun with them.

Project Cars 2 Online - RAIN AND DARKNESS

4 мес. назад

Probably variety is one of the good points of my races, but this time I think it's too much! XD You want more? ...

Project CARS Online - Knock-Knock?

2 г. назад

A funny race. Relax and enjoy. :-) Note: little contacts in races aren't illegal. But big contacts where you push your opponent out from his racing line, are ...

Project CARS 2 - Car Roulette 3!

2 мес. назад

+45 minutes of pure action on the Nurbugring! ;-) The version without written annotations: Please support me ...