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DF Retro: Resident Evil 2 - Classic Survival Horror - Every Version Analysed!

19 ча назад

Join John Linneman for a look back to the PlayStation classic, Resident Evil 2 - including footage of the canned RE 1.5 running on OG PlayStation hardware, ...

[4K] Battlefield 5 RTX Update! Massive Ray Tracing Performance Boosts + More!

1 дн назад

What a difference a patch can make! According to our analysis, frame-rates in Battlefield 5 RTX increase by anything up to 120% - meaning that RTX 2080 Ti can ...

[4K] Just Cause 4 Analysis: Every Console Tested: Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro, PS4 vs Xbox One

4 дн назад

Yes, Just Cause 3 had some pretty severe performance issues - and Just Cause 4 ups the ante with far more ambitious physics and severe weather conditions.

Tech Focus: Wolfenstein 2's Variable Rate Shading: Nvidia Turing Analysis!

6 дн назад

Nvidia's Turing architecture pushes rendering into new territory with a number of brand new features - including variable rate shading, an attempt to lessen GPU ...

DF Retro: PlayStation Classic Review - Great Games, Poor Emulation

1 нед назад

This could - and should - have been a lot better. DF Retro Hardware returns with a deep dive analysis into the PlayStation Classic, its games and the quality of its ...

Cloud Gaming! Google Project Stream Assassin's Creed Odyssey vs PC vs Xbox One X!

1 нед назад

Is streaming the future of gaming? Or at least a key part of it? Microsoft believes so - hence the xCloud - and Google is planning its own gaming platform.

Warframe Switch Analysis: Another Mobile Miracle?

2 нед назад

You demanded it - and we delivered it. John Linneman has spent the last few days playing Warframe on Switch. Is this another tech showpiece from Panic ...

[4K] Just Cause 4 PC First Look: Next-Level Physics - But What Hardware Do You Need To Run It?

2 нед назад

Rich takes a look at near-final PC code for Just Cause 4, showing off some of the game's most insane physics, including the impact of the game's remarkable ...

DF Retro: Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure - A Truly Special 16-bit Platformer!

2 нед назад

John Linneman returns with a brand new DF Retro, this time concentrating on one of the most fascinating 16-bit platformers of its era. Subscribe for more Digital ...

Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee! Complete Switch Tech Analysis + 3DS Comparison

2 нед назад

The next evolution of Pokemon - or is it? Built exclusively for Switch, developer Game Freak recreates Pokemon Yellow with full 3D graphics, and a battle system ...

[4K] Sunset Overdrive PC Analysis: A Great Game But A Disappointing Port?

3 нед назад

John and Alex convene to discuss the PC port of once-Xbox Exclusive Sunset Overdrive. The game is great and it's cheap to buy, but the conversion could have ...

[4K] Battlefield 5 PC - RTX Ray Tracing Analysis and Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

3 нед назад

Join Alex for a detailed analysis of the PC version of Battlefield 5 - how it improves over the best console release (Xbox One X), how the RTX ray tracing works, ...

[4K] Final Fantasy 13: Xbox One X Enhanced - And The Best Version Yet

3 нед назад

Join John and Alex for detailed discussion on the brilliant Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, enhanced for Xbox One X. Microsoft has really gone the extra mile here in ...

[4K] Fallout 76: PS4/PS4 Pro vs Xbox One/Xbox One X - Every Console Tested!

3 нед назад

The final release is live but not without issues. Performance drops and glitches blight Fallout 76 across every console - with some unexpected frame-rate lows ...

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Complete Xbox/PS4 vs PS1 Graphics Comparison

4 нед назад

Join John in this DF Retro/Modern mash-up! Everything you need to know about the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is in here. It's an old school PlayStation versus Xbox ...

[4K] Hitman 2 vs 1 Engine Graphics Upgrade! - IO Interactive Improves Its Tech

4 нед назад

Same levels, different results. Hitman 2 contains all the original game's levels, accessible through a Legacy pack. In the two years between these two games, IO ...

DF RETRO: The Tetris Series

4 нед назад

DF Retro returns with a visual tour through the history of Tetris. From 1984 to 2018, John examines nearly 30 versions of Tetris across multiple generations of ...

[4K] Battlefield 5: Xbox One vs X Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate Test!

4 нед назад

The final analysis on Xbox One systems, as released through EA Access. Battlefield 5's campaign and full range of multiplayer maps flourish thanks to the ...

[4K] Hitman 2 PC Analysis: Complete Settings Breakdown + Xbox One X Comparison!

4 нед назад

All settings closely tested in Hitman 2 on PC. Alex covers the benefits and performance costs of each preset - with a look at performance across Nvidia and AMD ...

[4K] Mass Effect Andromeda: Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro - Performance Improved on X

4 нед назад

It's been a long-time coming but Bioware's creation now has Xbox One X support. Bolstered performance and visual upgrades - in shadows, ambient occlusion, ...

Tech Focus - V-Sync: What Is It - And Should You Use It?

4 нед назад

V-Sync is one of the most important - and controversial - options in PC gaming, but what does it do, how does it work and should you use it? Join Alex for a new ...