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Minnesota Couple Adopts 5 Children With Down Syndrome

2 ча назад

Leah Spring doesn't seem to think what she's doing is extraordinary. But between 2010 and 2015, Spring adopted five children with Down syndrome after taking ...

How Taylor Swift Scans Crowds for Stalkers Using Facial Recognition Software

2 ча назад

Taylor Swift is using state-of-the-art technology to search for alleged stalkers who attended one of her concerts earlier in the year. Unbeknownst to her fans at ...

Couple Who Lost Engagement Ring in Times Square Gets Do-Over

3 ча назад

The British tourists who lost their engagement ring in Times Square last month have now been reunited with the rock, as well as the cops who found it. Daniella ...

10-Year-Old Embarrassed by Mom at Basketball Game: ‘She Does Crazy Stuff’

3 ча назад

One mother was having a blast singing Kelly Clarkson's “Since You've Been Gone” while embarrassing her son during a recent college basketball game. Mandy ...

Did Victoria’s Secret Model Kelly Gale Shame Fans of In-N-Out Burger?

3 ча назад

A Victoria's Secret model is accused of trying to shame diners at an In-N-Out burger Wednesday, jumping rope outside the restaurant in a bizarre stunt she later ...

How Iraq Veteran Who Suffered Brain Injury Got Her Life Back on Track

4 ча назад

What would you do if the happiest memories of your life vanished? That's what happened to Sgt. Lisa Crutch, a soldier who manned machine guns in Iraq.

Australian Woman Wakes Up to Find 13-Foot-Long Python in Her Bed

6 ча назад

A 25-year-old woman from Australia says she woke up to find a 13-foot-long snake sizing her up while she was sleeping. Similar to the movie “Snakes on a ...

Mom of Missing Colorado Woman Kelsey Berreth: 'She Sounded Happy'

7 ча назад

The mother of missing Kelsey Berreth is sharing more of what happened on the last day she saw her daughter. Video released shows what police believe is one ...

Dad Helps Deliver Wife's Baby on Turkish Airlines Flight, 42,000 Feet in the Air

7 ча назад

Three hours after taking off on a Turkish Airlines flight, a 21-year-old mom went into labor! At 42000 feet in the air during the flight from Africa to Istanbul, the ...

Teen With Developmental Delays Gets Gift From Classmate: 'I Got Happy Tears'

8 ча назад

A gift from a friend made this teen's holiday season. Sophomore Matthew Sabetta and senior Jake Marr attend Maricopa High School in Arizona and share a ...

Barefoot Woman Rescued from Coal Mine: 'I Love Ya'll'

9 ча назад

This woman is one of four people who are grateful to get out of an abandoned coal mine safely. Covered in dirt, the friends hugged loved ones after being ...

Brazen Porch Pirate Filmed by Home Security Camera as He Steals It

10 ча назад

Doorbell security cameras are helpful for catching porch pirates in the act, but what is one to do when the camera itself is stolen? A brazen burglar in Colorado ...

How to Stay Out of Trouble During Your Office Holiday Party

11 ча назад

Some companies are going all out this year for their holiday parties, complete with alcohol, dancing and even celebrity guests. While it's okay to let loose, you ...

Texas Bride Dances With Her Terminally Ill Brother at Her Wedding

1 дн назад

Bride Cesiah Aviles-Nieto says her brother Alex was diagnosed a rare disease when he was 18 months old and leukemia when he was 3. When Cesiah got ...

Are These Videos of Ancient Rock Formations Being Blown Up Fake?

1 дн назад

Officials are trying to find out if vandals blew up ancient rock formations in Utah. Videos online allegedly show protected rock formations exploding. In one of the ...

NBA Dancer Says She Was Weighed Once a Month

1 дн назад

NBA dancers fire up the sidelines at games, but some of them say there's a dark side to the job. "We worked our entire lives to have this dream job," said ...

Fiance of Missing Kelsey Berreth Gives Cops DNA Sample

1 дн назад

The fiance of a missing Colorado mom says he “hopes and prays” for her return after she disappeared last month. Kelsey Berreth, 29, was seen on a Safeway ...

10-Year-Old Boy Leaps from Window of Burning Building

1 дн назад

Dramatic footage of a fire at a Texas apartment building apparently shows a child jumping from the burning building. The dramatic bodycam videos taken from ...

Tips for Getting Booties on Your Dog

1 дн назад

To protect their dogs' paws from ice and salt, owners often employ booties. But as any dog owner will tell you, it's not always easy getting snow boots on dogs.

Mom Cries as Iowa Wolves Surprise Kids With $500 Shopping Spree

1 дн назад

Professional basketball players played Santa for eight kids in Iowa, surprising them with the gift of a lifetime. Their generosity was a complete shock for parents ...

Man's Epic Winter Wonderland Desk Decorations Inspired by Blind Wife

1 дн назад

Jack drew inspiration for his winter wonderland desk at work from his honeymoon in Sweden where he and his wife visited the Icehotel. Christmas for Jack is a ...