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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Tarantino style

1 меc назад

Video inspired by a Django: Unchained movie :D.

RDR 2 - "Hey this is a BIG mistake!"

1 меc назад

I clip that I thought I would love to share with you guys :)

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Robbery at Valentine

2 меc назад

This game is just fking amazing...

Joel's Savage Fighting - The Last of Us

2 меc назад

Joel fights of hunters while protecting Ellie.

The Last of Us | Cinematic encounter with Johnny Cash music

3 меc назад

Song: Johnny Cash - Hurt (Logan version) While doing my 10th TLOU playtrough (Survival), I was lucky to record one of my best combat encounters ever.

Jurassic World: Evolution - Bucky (T-Rex) vs Indoraptor

6 меc назад

Meet my female buck Tyrannosaurus. Isn't she a pretty girl, huh?


11 меc назад

"For it is well known that when a witcher inflicts torment, suffering and death, he experiences a semblance of pleasure and delight, the kind a normal and ...

The Last of Us - Violence (No HUD)

2 лет назад

The Last of Us has one of the most realistic / gruesome violence and gore effects in any video game. Really terrifying stuff.

MKXL - Tremor | Savage MixTape vol.1

2 лет назад

Mortal Kombat X Tremor by ShArp MKXL MKX ShArp Tremor.

Tremor Kommunity Movie - RZA, inFlames, ShArp, m2dave, KillerXinok, BxKeyz, Leoholic

2 лет назад

Tremor Kommunity Movie featuring: RZA, inFlames, ShArp, m2dave, KillerXinok, BxKeyz, TheLeoholic RZA's Channel: ...

Dark side of the Witcher 3 - Iorveth's Truth

2 лет назад

Iorveth: Sooner or later, humans will kill all the Aen Seidhe. All dwarves and gnomes. Then they'll start murdering one another. Your kind knows no other way.

Gwynbleidd - The White Wolf

2 лет назад

This is my tribute to Gwynbleidd - the greatest swordsman in Witcher lore.

Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Geralt vs Vampires

3 лет назад

Even a witcher with his superhuman speed and reflexes can't keep up with the higher vampires.

Witcher 3 - The Beautiful World

3 лет назад

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt brings some of the most unique and beautifully rendered locations of any game. Enjoy.

HITMAN™ 'Legacy' Cinematic vs Classic Gameplay comparison [FINAL VERSION]

3 лет назад

Side by side comparison between shots from HITMAN "Legacy" trailer and in-game scenes from Hitman games. Hitman "Legacy" Trailer covers some of the best ...

Sadistic Sniper - Sniper Elite (Original)

3 лет назад

I love it. It has pretty much everything what I expected from a realistic WW2 sniper game and IMO surpasses it's sequels. - Huge "sandbox" levels with freedom ...

Mortal Kombat X Tremor Online compilation - ShArp

3 лет назад

A compilation of some of my best moments as Tremor in online matches.

Witcher 3 - "Two Things Only The Greatest Fools Do"

3 лет назад

Basically a bunch of humans against one badass witcher.

Top 5 Best Fight Scenes in Witcher Trilogy (before B&W DLC)

3 лет назад

Thank you CD Project Red for the amazing Trilogy.

A Dance with Witcher - Witcher 3 Brutal Combat Montage HD

3 лет назад

I worked my ass off on this video, guys. Please leave a like and share it if you enjoyed it - it means a lot to me :) tags: witcher 3 wild hunt all finishing moves kills ...

The Witcher 3 Mod - Super Turbo Lighting (Closest to E3 2014)

3 лет назад

I cry in joy... THANK YOU Essenthy, KNG & Vikart for making the game look as it should of on the release! Link to the Mod: ...