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GT Sport - Consistency is the Key - Weekly Races GR.2 Fuji Speedway

2 дн назад

Consistency is the key to success in GT Sport online races. Even when your qualifying time isn´t on top, it´s consistency in lap times and avoiding the small and ...

Fast MONEY in GT Sport - 405.000 Cr. in 12 min (1.28 UPDATE)

1 нед назад

How to earn fast money in GT Sport? I show you how to make 405.000 Cr. within one Race and nearly 2 Million Credits within one hour! *SETUP IN THE ...

GT Sport - Weekly Race Fuji Speedway - My Best Race of the Day

2 нед назад

My best race of the day in GT Sports Weekly Race C on Fuji Speedway. Starting from 3rd position in a very strong field including the Top 10 drivers ...

GT Sport - Paddle Shifting vs. H-Shifting - Weekly Race Tsukuba

3 нед назад

See the difference between me racing with paddle shifters and yalomich32000 using a H-Shifter and Clutch in Weekly Race C with the Toyota 86 GT on ...

GT Sport - Update 1.28 - Porsche 996 Race on Fuji Speedway F

3 нед назад

Trying out the new Porsche 911 GT 3 (996) and the new track Fuji Speedway F, coming with the latest Update 1.28, at the Real Circuit Tours Event in GT Mode.

GT Sport - Mercedes F1 Nordschleife - 4:51.967 // World Record

4 нед назад

New World Record for the fastest shared time with the Mercedes F1 W08 EQ Power+ 2017 around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Driven with Fanatec CSL-Elite ...

GT Sport - Weekly Race Bathurst - Mountain Rush Hour

1 меc назад

Rushing trough the traffic in my Ford Mustang at Bathurst Mount Panorama, in a 3 laps sprint on Weekly Race B. I got pushed of the track in lap one and tried to ...

GT Sport - Mercedes F1 Suzuka 1:26.983 - Faster than Hamilton // European Record?

1 меc назад

One of the fastest times on GT Sport with the Mercedes F1 at Suzuka so far. 1:26.983 and more than 3/10 sec faster than Lewis Hamilton´s stunning pole position ...

GT Sport - FIA GT Nations Cup GR.1 Le Mans - No Easy Start...

1 меc назад

Flying starts in Le Mans are difficult, especially when you´re in a GR.1 car and Autodrive gives the control back to you in 1st gear and the middle of a chicane.

GT Sport - FIA GT Nations Cup Final Season Round 9 - EMEA Top Lobby

1 меc назад

Round 9 of the FIA GT Nations Cup Final Season held on Nürburgring GP. I took the first stint and found myself in the strongest lobby of the day in EMEA-Region ...

GT Sport - Weekly Race GR.3 Suzuka - How to Race Tactical!

1 меc назад

It´s not always necessary to push to the limits right from the start till the end of a race. Sometimes you have to wait for the perfect moment and know about your ...

GT Sport - FIA GT Nations Cup Mercedes F1 - Never Give Up!

2 меc назад

First Race in Sport Mode with the Mercedes F1 Car in the 7th round of the Final Season in FIA Nations Cup. Racing in the Top-Lobby of my timeslot.

GT Sport - Daily Race Nürburgring GP - Porsche vs. Corvette Close Battle

2 меc назад

Really good GT Sport GR.3 Daily Race on Nürburgring GP i had some time ago against TRL_AUGH. Driven with Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 + Elite Pedals. Follow ...

GT Sport - FIA GT Nations Cup Final Season - Strongest Lobby of the Day!

2 меc назад

What´s it like to race in the strongest lobby of EMEA region? First Race of the Final Season in GT Sport Nations Cup on Brands Hatch. I was paired into the ...

GT Sport - Weekly GR.4 Race Suzuka - Keep An Eye On Your Mirror!

2 меc назад

A short 4 Laps GT Sport Weekly Onlinerace on Suzuka in GR.4 class, that shows why it´s good to always keep an eye on your rear view mirror. In Lap 1 the ...

GT Sport - Mercedes F1 Suzuka - Can I Beat Lewis Hamilton´s Lap Record?

3 меc назад

Can i beat Lewis Hamilton´s stunning pole position lap and track record on Suzuka, from 2017 with the Mercedes-Benz F1 W08, in GT Sport? No driving assists ...

GT Sport - Mercedes F1 Nordschleife - 5:10,879

3 меc назад

My fastest time on the Nordschleife with the brand new Mercedes-Benz F1 Car in GT Sport. - No driving assists (ABS only) The Mercedes-Benz F1 was included ...

GT Sport: Top 5 fastest Cars in VR!

3 меc назад

The ultimate challenge in GT Sport. Which are the fastest cars in the Game? Driven with PS4 VR and Fanatec Steering Wheel! For this test i used the following ...

GT Sport - Daily Race Megane Trophy - Nonstop to victory?

3 меc назад

Can i win the 9 laps Megane Trophy Race on Nürburgring GP with fuel-management and no pitstop or is a One-Stop-Tactic superior on this GT Sport Daily Race ...

GT Sport VR - My first Lap on Nordschleife

3 меc назад

I got a PS4 VR for testing and this is my first lap on the Nürburgring Nordschleife in GT Sport with VR and my Fanatec CSL-Elite Wheel, driving the AMG ...

GT Sport - Daily Race GR. 2 Suzuka - What a save!

3 меc назад

One of my best saves during a great GT Sport GR. 2 Daily Race at Suzuka. Lost traction on my back wheels at 130R in lap 8 when i tried to overtake GTactive1 ...