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Bat.-Chat. 25 t - 5.828 Dmg, 5 Kills | TANKING REPLAY #4

2 нед назад

French bias? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submit your replay to : anggaelwotb@gmail.com With format: ...

JPanther II - 4.591 Dmg, Ace Tanker | TANKING REPLAY #3

4 нед назад

A Very good replay from rjr2017, this Korean Tanker really knows how to use the advantages of this tank ; decent mobility, solid gun, small and hard cheeks ...

T110E4 - 7.759 Dmg, 5 Kills | TANKING REPLAY #2

1 меc назад

Please, don't let me upload my own replay. Show off your skill and RNG here!* Submit your replay to : anggaelwotb@gmail.com With format: #TANKING ...

WOTB.doc Page 2

1 меc назад

Hi folks...we are back again with page 2, enjoy! I just made a new email for you sending replay and clips Please submit to Email : anggaelwotb@gmail.com ...

WOTB.doc Page 1

1 меc назад

Just a random blitz compilation. Contributors : (currently only 2) 1. AlviTheMan 2. NaGiBaToR_MaM1337 Music? Try ask someone in the comments Want to ...

In Memory Of T49 ATM - Missile Exercise Event

2 меc назад

T49 ATM is a unique tank given to players temporarily to complete a game event called Missile Exercise held by Wargaming exactly a year ago (23 Aug - 20 Sep ...

LOLs of Blitz | WoT Blitz Episode 11

3 меc назад

Hi, everyone. Episode 11 is finally here Please have a seat and enjoy the video Want to share your funny moments here? Don't hesitate to send your replay ...

When RNG Affected The Wargaming Store 😂 - WoT Blitz

5 меc назад

This happened in the Steam platform right after Wargaming released new bundles in the store. It seems they wrongly input the price of quartet bundle ...

The HESH Criminal - FV215b 183 [WoT Blitz]

6 меc назад

"I have an army" - Loki "We have Hulk" - Tony Stark "HESH anyone?" - 183mm Boi ...

FV215b 183 - HESHgasm at Its Finest! | Weekend Battle

6 меc назад

Feeling happy for sharing one of my battle today with you mate, I'm still waiting for your gameplay replay to be shared with us in the channel. Contact me at ...

LOLs of Blitz | WoT Blitz Episode 10

7 меc назад

Thanks for waiting, and here Episode 10 for you folks! Now let me rest and play some FORTNITE!! No..no..no, Just kidding I want to say thank you for joining ...

T110E4 - Do not laugh too early!!

7 меc назад

10K!! I am nothing without all of you guys my friends. I want to say THANK YOU!! We finally made 10k *kids cheering sfx ...

Ultimate VS Sh!tty Graphic Setting - WoT Blitz

7 меc назад

I know that Wotb graphic is nothing compared to the PC version of the game. But for a mobile game this is one of the best good looking games out there.

Obj.140 - Kolobanov, 7 Kills, 5749 Damages | TANKING REPLAY #1

7 меc назад

SHOW OFF YOUR BATTLE HERE!! The Tanking Replay is a pure battle footage sent by players to the channel. This series is place for everyone who wanna ...

Meanwhile, Valentine's Day in World of Tanks Blitz

8 меc назад

I got 4 "UNSPORTING CONDUCT" after that Song : George Michael - Careless Whisper.

VK 45.02 B - The Berlin Wall, Running Derp, Russian Bias, and a Little Luck!

8 меc назад

Today I just finished The Berlin Wall line and I'm really happy to share with you this battle in VK 45.02 B.

LOLs of Blitz | WoT Blitz Episode 9

8 меc назад

Hehehey....hello everebady! Finally the episode you've been waiting for has come out! The first episode in 2018, yay! Hope this episode brings more smile and ...

Centurion 7/1 + ST-I - When the good mate gone wild

9 меc назад

An old replay but I think still worth watching. I didn't put any edit on it, i'm lazzy :p Thanks for my platoon mate ICU_D2_FeArLeSS Please don't try to kill me again ...

Obj. 268 - Hi Babe 😘

9 меc назад

Do you have any good replay /interesting clip? You may submit it to me at anggael17@gmail.com Please consider your video quality such framerate, bitrate, and ...

Pz. V/IV - I Want M!! (eng sub) | WoT Blitz

9 меc назад

Good day mate, nice to see you again. I think this is the first full battle video I've done with an English subtitle, so you can understand what me and my mate ...

LOLs of Blitz | Best Moments 2017

9 меc назад

Hey mate, nice you again in a fresh new year! You still alive, right? And finally here I made a compilation of all episodes of Lobz in 2017 for you. And I would to ...