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Del Beefsteak

GT Sport - Yamagiwa II

1 нед назад

Personal best on Yamagiwa. Having a blast slowly getting better and figuring this game out. Side note: I took the previous video down since I was unhappy with ...

TC2 - Terminal D Drift (hard mode)

3 меc назад

Finally passed my first hard mode drive. I was super sad when I ate wall, but still proud of my huge combo.

MWH - Kulve Taroth LS (full siege)

4 меc назад

Getting better with LS finally. The huge telegraphs are great practice for foresight slash practice. As a quick note, I purposely removed most of the Area 1 content ...

MHW Clip - Kulve Taroth LS

4 меc назад

I got way to cocky and paid for it dearly. Once I was in the air I knew things were going to end poorly for me.

MHW Clip - Baz's wild ride

4 меc назад

Learning LS on a 2 player tempered Baz was a terrible idea. We ended up finish with only 0.7s left on the clock. Music: Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- OST - Magnolia ...

MHW Clips- Brutal Teosrta head break

8 меc назад

Just a quick clip of a hunt boiling down to one massive burst of damage. I had to slow it down to completely understand what happened.

MHW - Azure Rathalos Arena SnS

8 меc назад

Had an excellent run with a fellow hunter. The song of two SnS users is a beautiful thing.

MHW - Just fishing...

8 меc назад

Just minding my own business and fishing. Apparently that just isn't enough for some people. They like to pick a fight when they think you're vulnerable in your ...

MHW Clip - Bro-alakas

8 меc назад

Just a quick clip to help some people I know get motivated. Putting the effort into befriending the Gajalakas was one of the best choices I made in the game. XD.

MHW - Double Baz Beatdown

8 меc назад

Helping a buddy out with the double tempered Baz assigned mission. First time taking my Legiana HBG for a spin against a serious threat and I have to admit ...

MHW Clip - Final boss SA finisher (SPOILERS!)

8 меc назад

Got a rad kill on the final boss with my SA. Skidding off into the distance after the discharge.

MHW - Final Boss (SPOILERS!) Guard Lance

8 меc назад

Fight with the game's final big bad. Felt like a massive badass with this guard build. Again, spoilers ahead. You've been warned. SHAREfactory™ ...

MHW - Ice and Ire hunt (GS)

8 меc назад

Hunting Legiana and Odogaron in the Coral Highlands with my buddies. Still new to great sword, but loving every minute of it.

MHW Clip - Honk honk!

8 меc назад

This is the real reason we doot.

MHW - HBG Nergigante hunt

9 меc назад

None of us know anything about HBG. The fumbling and flailing was fantastic.

WipEout - 2049 Event 5 Personal Best

9 меc назад

Setting a nice record for myself. Not the cleanest start to a race I've had, but I think I pulled through fairly nicely at the end. Felt great to finally get boosts right on ...

Channel Intro

10 меc назад

Just a place to chill out and watch some game play videos from a run of the mill nerd.

WipEout - Current "Beat Zico: 2048" progress

10 меc назад

Just a quick upload of my progress on Beat Zico: 2048 achievement. I've shaved off a fair amount. Now it's all down to tuning my lines. SHAREfactory™ ...

WipEout - 36s Chenghou Protect

10 меc назад

I was just getting back into the game and ended up setting a new personal best. Not a top 10 time or anything, but fairly happy my banana rocket and I showed ...

Absolute Drift - Kobe 10x Multiplier (finally)

10 меc назад

Still new to the game, but definitely enjoying it a bunch. Got this pesky goal under my belt after a repeated of practice.

MHW - Barroth's Bad Day

10 меc назад

Hunting Horn finally clicked with me and it was wonderful. Can't say the same for the poor Barroth that was constantly paralyzed, trapped, or sleeping.