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3 ча назад


PS4 Pro - Does It Suck?

2 лет назад

PlayStation 4 Pro (USA Link) - PlayStation 4 Pro (International) - Welcome to my PS4 Pro unboxing video. The PS4 Pro ...

Get a PS4 Pro in Holiday 2018 - 10 Reasons Why!

3 нед назад

The Black Friday and Xmas season of 2018 is almost upon us and you should still get a PS4 Pro. Here are 10 reasons why! Buy a PS4 Pro from Amazon ...

PS4 Pro "Black Ops 4 Edition" Console Unboxing - Playstation 4 Slim Call of Duty 1Tb Bundle

1 нед назад

Unboxing the new Sony Playstation 4 Pro Call of Duty Black Ops 4 bundle and Slim console bundle. Classified zombies gameplay. Mystery Box Edition ...

PS4 Pro "500 MILLION" Limited Edition Unboxing! (2TB Playstation 4 Console) Fortnite Battle Royale

2 меc назад

Unboxing PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition console. One of the rarest Playstation consoles. Fortnite Battle Royale bomber skin code reveal. Thanks to Sony ...

17 KILL GAME w/ GX9! | Black Ops 4 Blackout | PS4 Pro

4 ча назад

Blackout gameplay from my live steams. Hope you enjoy! Catch the live streams over on Facebook Gaming: ...

10 Things You Didn't Know The PS4 Pro Could Do

1 лет назад

Try out ThePremium Network for free: Do YOU own a PS4 Pro? 10 Things You Didn't Know The PS4 Pro Could Do! Subscribe now to ...

PES 2019 - Goals & Skills Compilation #3 PS4 PRO

8 ча назад

Envie seu lance // send me your vídeo Follow me: ✓Twitter = ✓ Instagram ...

QUICK TOMAHAWK KILLS TO START! | Black Ops 4 Blackout | PS4 Pro

1 дн назад

Blackout gameplay from my live steams. Hope you enjoy! Catch the live streams over on Facebook Gaming: ...

Battlefield 1: Gold Annihilation - Ps4 Pro Multiplayer Gameplay

1 дн назад

New Gold Skins are beautiful! Struggle of a game! ▻ Battlefield 5 Gameplay ▻ ▻ SPONSOR ME ▻ ...

Zagrajmy w LEGO DC Super Złoczyńcy [PS4 Pro] odc. 3 - STAR-y, gdzie moja bieżnia?

4 ча назад

Oto trzeci odcinek mojej serii Zagrajmy w LEGO DC Super Złoczyńcy (lub jak kto woli: Zagrajmy w LEGO DC Super Villains PL). Tym razem przechodzimy trzeci ...

New PS4 "Pro Controllers" Unboxing (Razer Raiju Ultimate & Tournament) Black Ops 4 Blackout Gameplay

6 дн назад

Unboxing Razer Raiju Ultimate and Tournament Edition controllers. Thanks to Razer for sending these. Ultimate is priced 199,99 € and Tournament 149,99 €.

#17 奧林匹亞角鬥比賽 Assassin's Creed Odyssey 刺客教條: 奧德賽 [PS4 Pro]

12 ча назад

《刺客教條》最新系列,今次我哋將會體驗一位斯巴達勇士嘅一生,究竟呢個人會唔會係初代刺客呢?一齊玩到爆機啦~ 鐘意嘅話記得Like & Share...

PS4 Pro - Before You Buy

2 лет назад

The PS4 Pro touts 4K HD gaming thanks to more graphical horsepower. But is it really worth the upgrade? Jake Baldino takes a look. ☆Follow Jake on Twitter: ...

VI ER SUPER SKURK! - LEGO DC Super Villains Dansk Ep 1 [PS4 Pro]

18 ча назад

LEGO DC Super Villains er landet, lad os tjekke det ud, dudes! Instagram▷ T-shirts▷ Læs mere om ...

WWE 2K19: Mode Mon Joueur / Ma Carrière Revanche #25 PS4 Pro

6 ча назад

WWE 2K19: carrer Mode Let's Play Ps4 Pro Chapitre 15: Epilogue Playlist autres vidéos WWE 2K19 Mon Joueur: ...

Beli Atau Engga? | PS4 PRO UNBOXING & REVIEW

1 лет назад

Thankyou for watching :) Like, Comment & Subscribe ! Nyalain Notification, click gambar GEAR / BELL ! PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO OFFICIAL ...

Blackout PS4 vs. PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison (HUGE DIFFERENCE!)

1 меc назад

Blackout Impressions: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout beta battle royal has been live for a few days and I'm ...

Распакуй-ка Это ➤ PS4 Pro: Spider-Man Limited Edition

2 дн назад

Это распаковка Лимитированного издания консоли PlayStation 4 Pro: Spider-Man Limited Edition. ⭐ Дешевые Игры: ✅...

ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY - FR | Épisode 21 : Myrinne ( PS4 Pro )

7 ча назад

On paye notre dû à Xenia qui nous apprendra par la suite que notre mère, connue désormais sous le nom de Phoenix, était membre des pirates de Kéos !

UPGRADE TO PS4 PRO & PLAY BETTER! - PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing, Setup & Gameplay Test

4 меc назад

PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing, it was about time... Get the PS4 PRO here ▷ SUBSCRIBE Today ▷ EliteShot ...