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Space dandy - Viva Namida

1 лет назад

Todos los derechos de la canción son de Yasuyuki Okamura - Viva Namida, no se pretende generar ingresos con este video.

Space dandy Capitulo 1 (subtítulos en español)

4 лет назад

Aqui les traigo el capitulo 1 de space dandy completo con subtitulos en español. Ah y tambien un pack de aplicaciones para leer manga espero que lo disfruten.

The Greatest Scene of Space Dandy to Date.

4 лет назад

I am happy to be alive to see it.

Space Dandy S2 - All Is All (Viva All) - English Version

4 лет назад

English Songs Directed by Brina Palencia. Seriously, WATCH SPACE DANDY ON ADULT SWIM AND FUNIMATION!

Space Dandy - VietSub - Tập 4

2 лет назад

Space Dandy - VietSub - Tập 4.

Just Funkin' Dandy - Space Dandy AMV - Best in Show Sakuracon

3 лет назад

Facebook: Twitter: I started this video way back in March and worked on it fairly casually ...

Space☆Dandy opening || スペース☆ダンディ

4 лет назад

All rights go to bones, funimation , and TOONAMI Like space dandy and anime? MORE OF IT COMES SOON! Subscribe for more! Like! Comment Subscribe?

Space Dandy - VietSub - Tập 5

2 лет назад

Space Dandy - VietSub - Tập 5.

『TVアニメ「スペース☆ダンディ」O.S.T.2 Boobies Wonderland』 一部ダイジェスト

4 лет назад

2014.10.8 Release 『TVアニメ「スペース☆ダンディ」O.S.T.2 Boobies Wonderland』より.


3 лет назад

画質すいません。。 岡村靖幸.

Groovy Godzilla - Space Dandy

3 лет назад

TriangleMusic △ ————————— Make sure to leave a Like/Subscribe if you enjoyed! :) Free download on Soundcloud: ...

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Dandy Works

2 лет назад

All credits go to original creator 인저스티스 of tvple. I only added the subtitles. Source: English translation was added by me and I do not ...

『スペース☆ダンディ』4/25発売 Blu-ray第1巻特典・原撮映像お試し版【原画:中村豊】

5 лет назад

2014年4月25日(金)に発売する『スペース☆ダンディ』Blu-ray①の 特典:デジタルギャラリーに収録される原画集お試し版。

Space Dandy Season 2 Episode 9 "Es dandy dance & song"

2 лет назад

Es dandy! ¡Es dandy! ¡ES DANDY!

SPACE☆DANDY作画Animator: Bahi JD+中村豊+久貝典史

4 лет назад

Space☆Dandy ep.1 スペース☆ダンディ#1 Animator: 0:00 - 0:43 Bahi JD バヒ・JD 0:44 - 1:59 Yutaka Nakamura 中村豊 2:00 - 3:37 Norifumi Kugai 久貝典史.

Space Funk ☆ Uptown Dandy (Space Dandy AMV)

4 лет назад

Space Dandy AMV. The song used is "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. This AMV won Best Overall in the 2015 Naka-Kon General AMV ...

Space Dandy Season 2 Ep.1 - Other Dimensional Dandies Part 1

4 лет назад

I do not own this ! Season 2 was so amazin and funny, hope they will make a third season ^-^

Space Dandy First appearance of Honey

2 лет назад

Anime: Space Dandy no copyright infringement intended.