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AC Competizione - Viperconcept's First Impression

1 нед назад

A little video where I show my 1st impression about this new racing game. Enjoy! ;-) Just a humble opinion of a racing game enthusiast. Please, support me and ...

Assetto Corsa - CAR ROULETTE 9!

5 дн назад

1st Car Roulette event on Pc version of AC! With mods and multi-camera! Funny laps with people online :D The version without written annotations: ...

Racing Games - Pitstops

2 нед назад

A little video where I show you my vision on pitstops, requested by some subscribers in my previous video. :-) Before you see the flags, yes, I'm both Italian and ...

GT SPORT - Car Roulette 6!

2 нед назад

The 6th Car Roulette on GT Sport! Enjoy! ^^ If you want to watch the version without written annotations: The ...

GT SPORT - Battles for the Lead!!!

4 нед назад

I'm getting worse at shifting: I'm worried... However, enjoy these funny battles ^^ Please, support me and my work on Patreon: ...

Viperconcept's Racing Games chart

1 лет назад

Project CARS or Assetto Corsa? GT or Forza? A lot of times people asked me some advices about racing games. So, I've decided to make this video. Now ...

iRacing - Viperconcept's Review

4 меc назад

Finally I can give you my point of view about this game. I had to do a lot of hours of testing in few days to give you a good review about it... and this is my result.

Project CARS 2 - Car Roulette 5!

3 нед назад

+40 minutes of pure action and relaxing laps on The Norschleife with random people and different cars. Don't mind about the english mistakes (lol) and enjoy!

GT Sport - Super Clean Battles!

2 дн назад

2 funny battles against very clean drivers. yeah, there's still hope for the GT Sport Community! :D If you have missed my previous battles: 1) ...

Racing Games - Advanced Tactics

1 меc назад

Let's discover defense, attack and... fake attack! :-) The other attack/defense video: Please support me and my ...

Racing games VS Real life

3 нед назад

A very accurate SUPER TEST where I compare the performances of 4 cars on 3 different racing games. What will be the most accurate racing game? Let's found ...

GT Sport Online - Epic Battles!

2 меc назад

3 random online races I made with random people. 1st race: HP Limit: 345 2nd race: HP Limit: 375 3rd race: HP Limit: 300 Please support me and my work on ...

Racing Games - How to setup the Transmission

3 меc назад

Never stop to learn new stuff! :D New intro by Floatzelot Enyx. Please, support me and my work on Patreon:

Project Cars - Epic Lesson #1

3 лет назад

There are a lot of things to learn about your car. Like my previous Epic Lessons on Gran Turismo, I want to show you how your car works and how you can ...

Racing games - A Special Lesson

7 меc назад

In this video I use just GT SPORT, but I use other racing games too: you apply the same rules on all racing games which have decent physics. So, what do you ...

Racing Games Lesson - Driving Styles

4 меc назад

If you thought drifting/sliding was the only solution to take a corner, you were wrong! ;-) RWD cars - how to avoid spins: ...

Racing Games - How to setup the Suspensions

2 меc назад

A lot of people wanted a video about suspensions/dampers, so, I guess I had no choice to make (another) one. lel Enjoy! ^^ All the examples in this video are ...

How Viperconcept sets up his cars (+ bonus video)

2 лет назад

Curiosity is a quality and it helps you to learn new interesting things about your car! Test, experiment, retry, explore... when you have a decent knowledge it's a ...

Viperconcept's Championship Best Moments Compilation

7 меc назад

All the endings from 2016 to 2018, and now I'll stop making championships for a while. A lot of drivers took part to my online championships during these 2 years ...

Racing Games - How to avoid spins

5 меc назад

It doesn't matter if you're a pro or a beginner: everyone is victim of this classic mistake. Note: I'm forcing the car reactions for a better understanding of the ...

Project CARS 2 Online - My Craziest overtake Ever!!!

4 меc назад

Damn... Project CARS 2 is so hard everytime you restart playing it. lol Steering wheel used: Fanatec CSL Elite. Please, support me and my work on Patreon: ...