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Are you a fan of the Hemsworth family? Yes, I’m talking about Chris and Liam. Aka. Thor and Gale. But, I bet you didn’t know that they have an older brother.
All three handsome men, Chris, Liam, and Luke Hemsworth were in attendance for the LA premiere of Chris’s new movie, “Vacation.”
This is the first time we’ve seen all three brothers together in a while and we’ve got to say, they were looking dapper in black and blue suits.
In honor of the event, we thought we’d give you seven facts about the brothers, that might just make you want to marry them even more.
Fact #1: Luke Hemsworth was actually the first of his family to get into the acting world. Then one day, he started a flooring business where both younger brothers worked for him, before their acting careers took off.
Fact #2: The boys were born in Melbourne, Victoria. Yep, that’s right they sure did live in the outback.
Fact #3: Chris and Liam both dedicate their time to a child protection organization. They are ambassadors for the Australian Childhood Foundation.
Fact #4: Luke and Chris would follow younger brother around with air rifles and shoot at him in their backyard. Don’t worry, they wrapped him up in “protective” clothing first… we hope.
Fact #5: The whole Hemsworth clan likes to surf in their free time. Of course, their chizzled bodies would be out in the water on a Sunday afternoon.
Fact #6: Liam had his mom as a teacher for two years in high school. However, one of those classes happened to be Sex Education. He says the experience was naturally, and incredibly awkward.
Fact #7: Liam and Chris were both up for the part of Thor. And apparently, Liam got the callback, but we all know what happened in the end.
So what do you guys think? Are you preparing for your Hemsworth wedding? Let us know which fact you thought was the most interesting in the comments below!
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